Banana Tarte Tatin With Rum Sauce (serves 2)

When Jon first mentioned this recipe I was expecting a lot of work, a tall glass, sparklers and a hangover. Not really my cup of tea I thought… especially the hangover. How wrong could I be. The best thing about this one is that it’s so simple and quick – especially when you want to impress someone. Watch Jon make his Banana Tarte Tatin With Rum Sauce below.




Banana Tarte Tatin With Rum Sauce (serves 2)

2 Bananas
Some Puff Pastry
1 Egg
100g Sugar
Dash of Rum
50ml Cream

Roll out the puff pastry until it’s half the thickness of a pound coin. Cut the bananas in half lengthwise, and lay flat side down on a chopping board. In a small bowl whisk the egg and brush the banana with it, to help stick the pastry. Lay over the puff pastry and cut around the shape of the banana, using the pastry to form a banana skin on the banana. Add a few slits in the pastry and brush with egg wash.

In a hot pan sprinkle the sugar and place the tarte banana side down into the sugar and caramelise. Once the banana is a lovely golden colour, transfer it to a baking tray and bake in a preheated oven for 8-10 minutes until the pastry is cooked.

In the meantime, add the dash of rum into the hot sugary pan, before adding the cream. Bring to the boil.

Serve with the tarte with a good drizzle of the sauce and a dollop of ice-cream.

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